The classy minimalist

Sometimes life is hard and sometimes we just can’t go on anymore because everything is too much… So sometimes less is more. I had to learn that over many years and now I think I’m on a good way to de-clutter my life. Of course it’s important to keep memories but do you really need all of them? Get rid of all these bad memories and create space for new, better ones!


I am a very, very sensitive human being when it gets to letting go of old things but one day I realized that I can influence my life to the good if I free myself of some old stuff. I opened my closet, drawer and looked under my bed (we all store something there, right??) and pheww, you won’t believe what I found there… Most of the things were so old, I had already forgotten plenty of them!

When I was younger I used to keep everything; no matter what shape, size or colour. My room had been a huge mess then. Now I try to keep a certain colour scheme and a minimalist-ish style so my old things didn’t really fit into my room anymore. Trash bags? Check! Bye, bye lion print shirts! If you are thinking now that I just threw all my stuff away then you are wrong! I donated most of the things or just gave them away to my friends. There is no need to completely waste something just because you don’t like it anymore; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure♥


Nobody is perfect so neither am I but I want to do things as good as I can. For example when I start my day now, I go for a coffee and mostly some fruits for breakfast and not for a ton of cereal like I used to do a few years ago. I guess this is also a consequence of my fresh and new way of living: by removing things that I don’t need my life (and health!) has gotten better! There are still loads of things that I have to change but the success of all the tiny steps that I’m making keeps me going!


Another big point that helped me was sharing. I was afraid that I’d forget about all the wonderful things I experienced in my life so I started sharing them with the people I love! By that there were more persons knowing and more persons to remember me of all the little pieces of luck and fortune♥ And this is another reason for why I started this blog: I want to share my experiences with you guys and I want to be someone you can share your memories with!

Have a fabulous day and stay positive,

Charlotte xx

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