Mini beauty haul; new bits and pieces

Hey loves!

So recently I went shopping with my dad; we spent a wonderful day in Frankfurt (Germany) whilst the temperature was about 39°C! So hot! Thinking about the temperature , I noticed that I should get something I can treat my skin with in such a warm weather. No sooner said than done!

I haven’t tried all of these products yet but I am so excited to use them all!


The first thing I got is this facial tonic.

Calming, alcohol-free toner. This mild, alcohol-free toner cleanses gently and combats skin aging. It offers the ideal preparation for the following treatment.

I used this one already and it smells so good and makes your skin super soft and smooth! Added to it’s wonderful design it contains Vitamin B5 and hyaluronan. It is vegan and free of silicones & parabens, free of artificial colours and only contains allergen-free fragrances.


Next there is something that I haven’t tried yet but I can tell you: I am so excited about this! I am talking about the Clay mask to foaming cleanser trio (Calming white X Moisturizing Pink X Refreshing Green) by Dr.Jart+. 

Once I scrolled trough my Instagram  I saw a face mask by Dr.Jart+ and I thought “Wow, this looks so cool! If I get the chance, I need to try this.” So I was even more excited when I found these clay masks!! Question: Am I the only one who finds the style of this product aesthetically pleasing? I know, I am weird, no need to tell me…

Calming White X Moisturizing Pink X Refreshing Green / Clay Mask to Foaming Cleanser Trio

Innovative, multi-action Dr.Jart Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay is applied like a clay mask but transforms into a gentle foaming cleanser. The mineral rich French clay mask absorbs oil and purifies your skin. When splashed with water, the clay lathers to a gentle foaming cleanser that brighten, tone and remove dead skin cells for fresh and healthy looking skin.


The last thing that I bought is the Youthcleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser; mud to foam by GlamGlow. (As you may have noticed, I bought a lot of “mud to foam/ clay to foam” stuff).

It is made for men & women, all skin types and daily use. It’s SLS/SLES free and 100% paraben free.

This is also a product that I tried already and I love it! A fresh scent and a peeling-ish but also soft cleanser that makes my skin feel super refreshed and clean.

♦Anti-Aging♦Fine Lines♦Smoothing♦Glowing♦

Youthcleanse is formulated with French Sea Clay to boost cellular renewal to revitalize skin. Microalgae Scrub gently exfoliates skin. Phytic Acid Extreme a natural rice derived skin exfoliating acid gentle enough for daily use to restore natural skin radiance. Brazilian Superfruits Acai, Guarana & Acerola provide potent antioxidants & Vitamin C to speed up skins natural renewal process. Flaxseed & Quinoa are a Superfood for the skin rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids for stronger healthy skin. TEAOXI Green tea leaf delivers EGCG super antioxidants & polyphenols to protect against free-radicals, working symbiotically with ground Ginkgo Biloba  Leaf to optimize the skin’s natural renewal process.

So these are my little purchases for my skincare. Have you tried one of these products before? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely day and stay positive!

Charlotte Xx

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